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Our Vibration testing facility is comprised of several electrodynamic shakers to provide over 150kN force in practically any type of vibration testing event-sine, random, sine on random and random on random testing.

 ____Pyrotechnic shock


SERMS group has developed and refined several methods of producing repeatable Shock Response Spectra (SRS) which can be tailored to produce the required shock pulse with a high degree of precision.

 ____Thermo Vacuum


SERMS can use a 2100mm in diameter and 2100 mm in deep Thermo Vacuum chamber, with a temperature range between -70°C and +125°C and a temperature gradient of 1°C/min. Heating and cooling can be done by cinduction through direct contact with cold plates or by radiation through the use of the thermal vacuum chamber's shroud. It is possible to acquire up to 64 channels (PT100 class B temperature sensors) with different acquisition rate.

 ____Test Fixture Design


SERMS is able to design and product test fixture and expander with a suitable dynamic stiffness to interface the item and the shaker armature in a proper way.

 ____Thermal (and humidity)


Our environmental chambers vary from 1.0 to 0.5 cubic meter. We can simulate temperatures from -70°C to 180°C (up to 15°C/min both in heating and in cooling). relative humidity can range from 10% to 98% RH. We can monitor temperature using thermocouples K-type; it is possible to acquire up to 64 channles with different acquisition rates.



Our altitude chamber (about 1500mm in diameter and 1550mm in deep) is compliant with most of pressure test standards (RTCA DO160, MIL-STD810/883). The feasible test are: Altitude, Decompression and Overpressure. Pressure range: 4mbar-1700mbar.

 ____Salt Fog


The Salt Fog Test is a standardized test method used to check corrosion resistance of coated samples. SERMS provides salt-fog testing to most industry standards.

 ____Drop and Impact


A vital test for many products and industries is drop and impact testing. SERMS built its own drop testing machine able to perform in accordance with the main standards.

 ____Modal Testing


By instrumented hammer or ED shakers we can execute model tests in order to accurately determine model frequencies and damping. FEM model calibration based on the experimental data is also possible.

 ____Measuring "real world" vibration and thermal conditions


SERMS gained experience in aquiring real world data both for reproducing them in laboratory and for optimizing the structural strength and fatigue life on both component and system assembly levels in time or frequency domains.

 ____Instrumentation and Data Acquisition Capability


SERMS has the capability of acquiring and recording more than 160 accelerometer channels and about 60 Strain Gage channels using systems from Spectral Dynamics, LMS and National Instruments. Our Engineers can quickly tailor software programs for any type of data processing.

 ____Failure and Metallurgical Investigation


Thanks to the collaboration with material dept. of the University of Perugia abd the CSM Terni we can rapidly put together an experienced interdisciplinary failure analysis team to tightly define root cause of failure.

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