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 ____3D CAD Design


SERMS regularly uses advanced 3D Modeling programs (especially CATIA V5) to design, optimize and produce mechanical components and assemblies.

 ____FEM Analysis


SERMS has several years of experience in performing stress analysis for parts, assemblies. Static, modal , transient, random, thermal analysis have been done both for metallic and composite structures particularly for aerospace application.

 ____Fatigue Life Prediction


SERMS can analyze the product, develop a loading spectrum and make fatigue life prediction for a system. The strain information can come from test data or from finite element modeling. We can support strain gauges and load measurement to provide data for these analysis.

 ____Vibration Isolation Systems


SERMS can design suitable transport containers for fragile hardware or systems reducing the transmitted vibration to tolerable levels. Vibration dampers can be properly selected based on the dynamic behaviour of the object to be protected.

 ____Bolt Analysis


An extensive experience has been gained in doing bolt analysis mainly for aerospace components. A methodology and criteria that each preloaded joint must meet has been developed in order to guarantee a proper fastener selection to be used at extreme temperatures/loads conditions also in flanges made of composite materials.

 ____Materials Selection


SERMS can provide consultancy and support in material selection (sandwich panels, carbon fiber, ceramic and metallic). 

 ____MGSE - Mass Ground Support Equipment


Special support equipment, such as MGSE (Mechanical Ground Support Equipment) is used for the handling, integration, tetsing and transportation of modules for satellite systems. The design, manufacture and testing of the MGSE requires extreme precision in every phase of the program development. SERMS can ensure a high quality design and production of support systems according to the most rigorous requirements.

 ____Thermal design & analysis


Thermal modeling and simulations play a fundamental role in the design and development process of any Space payload. SERMS is able to perform the complete general sequences for thermal simulations. 

 ____Thermal conductivity analysis


One of the SERMS capabilities is the measurement of the thermal conductivity of materials. In particular some polymeric fiber reinforced composite and metal specimens have been successfully tested with innovative methods.


 ____Validation of the thermal model of mechanical structures


At SERMS is possible to perform all the needed test to correlate the experimentally measured data with the simulated test prediction in order to optimize the thermal model.


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